Top Random Facts About US Laws

Laws help run a country or any other jurisdiction. It is essential to have your laws in place for the smooth functioning of the nation or relevant jurisdiction, and it is also equally important to enforce these laws. If you feel like you have broken the law, it is essential to contact a Interstate Drug Lawyer in Dallas or another lawyer that can help you with your case.

While most of the laws in place today make sense, there are a few laws that make you question their existence. What could have possibly happened for this law to be put in place? Here are six strange laws that are still in effect in the United States today:

  • Moose-t efficient   

Let’s start with a simple and sensible one. In Alaska, if you happen to kill a moose or any other big game animal, you must not let its meat go to waste. You must salvage its meat in order for people to eat it. It is straightforward and easy to understand why this law is in action, so let’s hop on to the next one.

  • It won’t be frog-given    

In California, It is illegal to lick or eat a toad. You read that right. More specifically, it is unlawful to lick the Colorado River Toad (Bufoalvarius). This specific toad secretes a venom containing bufotenine, which causes hallucinogenic effects when ingested. Bufotenine, being a controlled substance in the States, was now used by people wanting to get high.

However, the venom secreted is a natural defense the toad uses against its predators, meaning it is meant to be harmful. In conclusion, some people started licking frogs to get high and got really sick, to the point where they required medical attention, making it illegal to lick the Colorado River Toad in California.

  • Betty can only buy bits of better butter    

In the state of Iowa, they don’t tolerate fake butter. According to the law, imitation butter can be sold only under the name of oleomargarine and cannot be described by the words “butter,” “creamery,” or “dairy.” On top of that, it cannot have pictures of cows or any dairy cattle.

Margarine was straight up banned in Iowa until 1953. Since margarine is cheaper than butter, restaurants would pass it off as butter and save money. False advertising led to the creation of this law. The next law prevents a lot of advertising opportunities too.

  • Garage sales drop   

In the state of Missouri, you can only hold any garage sales twice a year. These garage sales can only be held from 7 am to 8 pm, and cannot last longer than three days. So you can’t set up your own shop in your backyard and start making money by selling products.

You are also not permitted to sell items purchased with the intent of or for resale. You cannot advertise this sale by sticking fliers or signs onto public property either, and signs placed on private property must be removed on or before the last day of the sale.

  • The show must go on

If you start singing or performing on stage in Montana, you have to finish it. You cannot stop midway. The most interesting case of this was one in 1987, where a burlesque dancer by the name of Jimmy Lee Laedeke was initially convicted for an entirely different reason.

His show was interrupted by a police officer arresting him for a misdemeanor, and he ended up being charged for that too. This is a peculiar case since enforcing a law made him break the law too. If you thought this was strange, wait for the next one.

  • Sandwiches and drinks vs. honking  

In the state of Arkansas, one cannot honk at or near sandwich shops. More specifically, Section 18-55 of Little-Rock’s Code of Ordinances states that you should honk where sandwiches and cold drinks are served past 9 pm. Why this law is in action is something beyond us. You can honk all you want before dinnertime, but not after. Hey, at least you can peacefully have your sandwich and a glass of cold drink in peace later.

Now that you know about these, check here if you need more assistance.


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What To Do After Receiving a Federal Indictment

A federal indictment is a formal legal document that charges an individual, or a group of individuals, with a federal crime. It is considered one of the most harrowing documents to receive, though rarely is in unexpected. Typically, an indictment is issued once a grand jury convenes on a specific case and comes to an agreement that there is probable cause that the crime was committed by the person or persons mentioned in the indictment. Hence, why it should not come as a surprise.

According to Arik Benari, a federal criminal defense lawyer Delaware County, “Federal crimes are prosecuted by assistant U.S. attorneys and investigated by federal officers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). With unlimited resources at their disposal, the federal prosecutor usually begins an investigation long before notifying you that you are a suspect. These investigations typically yield more substantial evidence, so if you have been charged with or arrested for a federal crime, you need experienced legal counsel of the highest caliber.” This means that you may not know you are under investigation, in some instances.

This is a slightly different situation than in other types of court systems. Prosecutors at the federal level have a harder job because he or she must convince an entire jury of probable cause. Needless to say, those who work at the highest level have the experience necessary to perform their jobs, and a federal indictment only comes when they believe that they can prove their case – and almost all (over 90 percent) of criminal cases in federal court end up in a conviction. This is why you must have a federal criminal defense lawyer at your side at all times.

If You Have Been Federally Indicted

If you have been issued a federal indictment, there is no time to wait or mess around with the debate. Many federal crimes can result in extremely long prison sentences and punishments that can impact the rest of your life. Once again, if you have been issued a federal indictment, it is likely that the prosecutor believes that they can put you in jail. Everything that you do from here on out must be done in order to increase your chances of acquittal – or at least do as much as you can to get a case for mitigation.

How to do this? You need to start getting into contact with your lawyer right away. From the start, your lawyer will be behind because the prosecution has been looking at your case for a long time. If you had no clue this was happening, you are at a disadvantage. While you should have an experienced federal defense lawyer on your side, you want to have as much time as possible to prepare.

What to Expect After Federal Indictment

The first thing you need to know is that an experienced federal  defense lawyer will have to pour over your case to determine which defenses may be applicable to your case. For example, evidence that was seized illegally might have to be suppressed, which can create all of the difference in your case. In many cases, if this is found, the charges can be dropped. In other cases, your lawyer may be able to find access to information that a federal prosecutor may not have thought about – all with your help.

In some cases, the prosecutors may have a strong case that is lock tight. In this case, an experienced attorney will be able to create a strong case for mitigation, hoping to be able to convince the sentence that you deserve leniency and your sentence may be less severe.

No matter what, you need to consider a federal indictment as a serious matter – but you should never give up hope that you can make your way out of the process. There is always something that can be done, especially if you align yourself with the best of the best. Of course, the sooner you know about the case, the sooner you will be able to get started. Still, there is no time too late to get yourself a legal team and learning all you can about the charges that you face.

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United States Immigration Ausavis Green Card Lottery part II 100 Alston


Missouri House of representatives passed a known hepatitis b 361 4 twenty thousand and nine-month 16, repeal article 302.171, thus creating two new sections, non-compliance with or the actual ID of the thousand five law on immigration Bills against United States real ID. The real ID Act was elected as its draft anti-83 and sixty nine votes against. Missouri Senate then passed HB 361 Bill in may, at its thirteenth session, two thousand and nine of the forty-three votes to zero. However, the Bill not signed Jay Nixon for Missouri in the United States. Many commentators in violation of United States Constitution, the tenth amendment to the tenth amendment to the articles is a national. one area


Province in Federal Legislation real ID Law State

Executive Director of citizens of the United States Civil Liberties Union (free) · Anthon Romero, · That’s the real ID Act in two thousand and five that is United States immigrants, quote, a lack of funds, in violation of the Constitution, the tenth amendment to the State power and undermine national dual sovereignty and integration of each of the United States private information for all United States person more vulnerable to identity thieves. Former United States Republican Congressman Bob Barr writes in a Feb. 20 and article 8 of the quote, not own real ID Act in line with the identity of the person can not enter any federal buildings or his or her Congressman and senators or the Office of the United States Congress. This effectively denied on an Assembly of people’s fundamental rights and to guarantee the Government petitions, in the first amendment provides

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