Morro Ceesay Immigration Lawyer

This book will be useful not only to couples who are married or planning to marry, but to immigration lawyers and legal assistants. It contains real-life, hands-on information that you won’t find anywhere else.

Although the book is ambitious in its scope, covering everything from a person’s choice of where to submit their application to how to make sure their green card gets renewed; it presents the information in a well-organized, user-friendly manner. The checklists and form instructions facilitate the process for people morro confronting INS’s bureaucratic ceesay requirements for the first time. I’ll recommend this book to my friends and to my graduating law students, who plan to hire immigration an immigration law.

I notice that the previous edition got a bad review from an immigration lawyer, but personally I used this edition and got my green card so smoothly. The book was so helpful with how to fill some really confusing questions and told us what to expect in the whole process. I think as long as your marriage is genuine, and there is nothing “illegal” about your entry and your status, you have nothing to fear and you definitely don’t need an immigration lawyer.

Why not save yourself couple thousands and buy this book? Definitely worth every penny. The book even said that if you are worried about your illegal status, you should seek a lawyer’s help when applying for green card. The author never tries to tell you that if you use this book, you will definitely get green card; the author is sincere and honest. For those who don’t have money to hire an immigration lawyer, I highly recommend this book.

The good way to monitor an immigration lawyer’s professionalism is through reviewing the press they have received and taking note of how often those immigration lawyers are used as sources by major media. Part of what information on the web has done, is to make both journalists and clients much more knowledgeable. A good immigration lawyer should greet this pressure with relative ease and be able to rise to the occasion. The Internet has made clients much savvier and it’s getting harder for lousy immigration lawyers to pull the wool over their eyes. If you are seeking an immigration lawyer, you too should be one of those savvy interviewers.

The immigration lawyer had not only failed to advise them about the laws, but had even set them up to unwittingly break those laws and then get caught. In another incident, a woman was married to an American citizen and the marriage fell apart before she received her green card. She had already established a life here and wanted to remain, but the only way for her to do so was through an H-1B working visa. While still in the US, she proceeded to find a job, hire an immigration lawyer and apply for the visa. Now, although she was not illegal, she was no longer in a status that allowed her to apply for the visa from within the US. Had her attorney explained this, she would lawyer gladly have returned home to wait. Unfortunately, he did not, and she was denied precisely on those grounds, rendering $4,000 down the drain, not to mention the upsetting consequences of becoming an illegal alien.

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